The Casablanca Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the work of its members and is represented by those members in its governance. The dual focus on research and collaboration is intended to promote easily accessed perspectives, and serve as a reliable platform for colleagues and partners across the continent and around the globe.

The Club will operate with a three-part structure; French-speaking area, English-speaking area and Common area where the English language will be used for specific work.

The Club presidency will be assisted in its mission by two representatives, one for each lnguistic area, serving an initial term of one year and endorsed by a simple majority of members. He will be assisted by a General Secretary, designated by the presidency for administrative and technical issues.

A steering committee will be set up reporting to the Club presidency to participate in determining the areas of development, cooperation, the necessary rapprochements with major organizations, with the main task of promoting the Club beyond African borders.

The Club presidency will also be assisted by a Research Committee, the Director of which must be a recognized African researcher, and elected by his committee peers.

The General Assembly holds a regular annual session and, when circumstances require, it will converne for extraordinary sessions.