The Club offers resources for africans research centers & thought leaders to collaborate, and facilitates global access to the world.

These include easy points of access, as well as virtual and actual platforms where partners and colleagues across the world can access research, insight and vision from thought leaders across the African continent.


A key purpose of The Casablanca Club is the promulgation of authentic and compelling African insight on important issues for Africa and the globe.  The Club helps its members amplify their voices and the value of their insight to advance global perspectives of Africa as articulated by Africans for Africans, as well as to share this insight with our partners across the globe.

We share a recognition of the importance of directly engaging at major multilateral fora on behalf of our members.

The Casablanca Club is a non-profit association of African thought leaders, think tanks and research institutions with valued partners across the world.

Our hope is to enrich global efforts with the balance and depth of strong African partnerships in addressing humanity’s challenges and in fulfilling its greatest aspirations.